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Jacquelyn D. Murray

Jacki Comes to You

Jacquelyn Murray is available now to come speak and sing in your church or to your group on the following topics:



How to hear and respond to the voice of God

 “This isn’t about you, Jacki,” the Lord said. “This is about the testimony that is going to come out of it. I will get the glory.”


When God spoke to me the day I was diagnosed with cancer and declared that I would be healed, I knew His voice – and therefore could trust it to be true. The children of God are familiar with His voice (John 10:27). We are His sheep and He offers the same love and protection to you. In this presentation, I’ll teach you how to become familiar with the voice of God by spending time with Him in prayer, studying His Word, and fellowshipping with the Spirit.



How to endure suffering

“I don’t want to do this.”


When I spoke these words to my husband, I could have thought of so many more ways to bring glory to God than going through cancer! But I have learned through the process that our suffering makes us stronger. In this presentation, I’ll share keys on how to endure the pain and hardship you face. While you may suffer for many reasons, God is always in control and will take care of you.



What to do when fear comes upon you

 “To this day, that remains one of the most frightening days of my entire life.”


Oddly enough, it wasn’t cancer specifically that caused me to write those words in my book. Fear can come from the most unlikely of places and it can be crippling, even paralyzing. There are so many events that happen in our lives that are totally out of our control – and some of them are scary! In this presentation, I'll show you how you will experience His undying care and love and overcome your fears as you remember how valuable you are to Him (Matthew 10:31).



How to equip yourself to be His light to the world

 “It reminded me that I never know who is watching me or who I’m going to touch.”


We always want life to be about us. If it’s something good, we want to draw attention to ourselves and receive accolades and applause. If it’s something bad, we want pity, tolerance, and forgiveness. Yet it should never be about us. In this presentation, I’ll teach about how everything you experience in life will point others towards Him when you allow His light to shine through you (Matthew 5:16).



How to be ready for the enemy’s unexpected attacks

 “The accuser was accusing—it’s what he does.”


At one point in my battle against cancer, I came under vivid and severe spiritual attack. Lions attack animals that are weak, sick, young, or find themselves away from the group. In 1 Peter, we are exhorted to watch out for Satan who pounces like a lion when we are suffering or weak. In this presentation, I’ll tell you what happened to me when I was under attack, and share how you can keep your eyes and focus on Christ when the enemy attacks you.



How to have His perspective in your season of pain

 “I saw it all as a process that I would navigate in God’s timing and in His way.”


Sometimes we face problems that seem to go against God’s plan. Yet the events of our lives do not randomly happen by chance; God has a reason and a plan for everyone’s life, and it is critical to live with an awareness of His timing for you (Ecclesiastes 3:1). In this presentation, I'll show you how to rely on God and find joy in the midst of each of life’s seasons and all of the transitions in between.

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October 1, 2016

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